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NBN build two-thirds complete in the regions

10 July 2017

  • Two thirds of the NBN regional network is now completed
  • Some 1700 fixed wireless towers around the nation
  • Thousands of customers being connected to Sky Muster weekly

Minister for Regional Communications Fiona Nash has announced a significant milestone on the road to universal broadband connectivity for regional Australia.

Since last week, two thirds of premises outside major urban areas in Australia have been able to order NBN services.

"The regional, rural and remote NBN build is already two thirds complete," Minister Nash said.

"With another 14 per cent currently under construction, we will soon reach the 80 per cent complete milestone outside the capital cities.

"In my portfolio, we have the fixed wireless network and Sky Muster satellites.

"Fixed wireless is a great success story of the NBN. We've got 1700 fixed wireless towers around the nation serving more than 180,000 customers.

More than 500,000 homes and businesses are able to connect to fixed wireless, and speeds will double to 100 megabits a second download and 40 megabits a second upload early next year.

"The fixed wireless build is expected to be mostly complete by the end of 2018.

"Fixed wireless has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings on the NBN.

"We are now getting the most out of the Sky Muster satellites, which of course we inherited from Labor.

"Labor was to deliver just 35 gigabytes a month of data at peak use times to Sky Muster customers.

In October, thanks to the Coalition and innovative thinking by NBN Co, Sky Muster customers will be able to buy plans which deliver 100 gigabytes of data a month at peak times and another 150 gigabytes off-peak.

"The second satellite is online and the Sky Muster satellites have no stabilised - there were 90 per cent less outages in April this year than in September last year, and most remaining outages are now localised and last less than five minutes.

"It's expected most Sky Muster customers will be connected to the service by the end of 2018.

"It really is amazing the Sky Muster satellites shoot data down from 36,000 kilometres above the earth to deliver broadband to nearly 80,000 customers - some of which are in mountain ranges, in the desert, in deep valleys and remote cattle stations.

"We'll continue to work hard with NBN Co to deliver the best service possible."

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