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Sky Muster retailers will pass on data; customers will pay very little extra

13 July 2017

Minister for Regional Communications Fiona Nash has welcomed news retail companies selling NBN Sky Muster satellite plans will pass on the extra peak data to customers at very little extra cost.

Minister Nash said her meeting with retail providers who sell NBN Sky Muster broadband in Sydney today had been extremely positive and productive.

The meeting followed the announcement last month that NBN would provide Sky Muster retailers with an extra 50 per cent data at peak times and double their data at off peak times, at no extra charge from NBN.

“I thank retail providers for their positive attitude, their feedback and ideas in our meeting today,” Minister Nash said.

“It was great to hear retailers will pass on the extra data to customers, and to hear general agreement that the cost of passing on this extra data to customers will be very low. Although NBN will provide the extra data without cost to retailers, retailers will incur costs of a few dollars to deliver this extra data and so plans will reflect that.

“The result is customers will soon be able to access 60 gigabyte month peak data at very little extra cost above what a 40 gigabyte/month plan costs now.

“A 100 gigabyte/month peak data plan would cost only slightly more than a 65 or 70 gigabyte/month plan costs now.

“This is fantastic news for the 76,000 Sky Muster users and those considering getting a service.”

An extra 35 gigabytes of peak data would allow, for example, a business to do 50 more hours of high definition videoconferencing with colleagues and clients, or a student to do 25 more hours of watching university lectures each month, or a photographer to send an extra 3500 pictures a month.

Under Labor, Sky Muster users were set to receive just 35 gigabytes of peak data a month in total.

The meeting also discussed the best ways to make sure customers get the best service possible.


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