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Joint Release with The Hon. Paul Fletcher MP: Public consultation opens on proposed telecommunications deregulatory measures

15 April 2014

On its first Repeal Day last month, the Government announced the removal of more than 1,000 pages of burdensome regulation in the Communications portfolio at an expected saving of $35 million a year.

Following on from this strong start, the Government is now seeking feedback on proposed deregulatory measures in its Consultation Paper for the Telecommunications Deregulation Bill No.1 2014.

The Consultation Paper outlines proposals to reduce telecommunications regulation while maintaining or strengthening important consumer safeguards, including in the following areas:

  • Retail Price Controls, which set maximum prices for a range of call and line rental costs;
  • The Customer Service Guarantee, which sets maximum timeframes that carriage service providers must meet for certain services;
  • Priority Assistance, which is an enhanced telephone connection and repair service for people diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition; and
  • Confidentiality of telecommunications, which relates to the handling of information in the telecommunications sector.

The Government has already consulted widely with companies, consumer advocates and regulators in the communication sector on where regulation can be improved. The proposals contained in the Consultation Paper respond to a range of concerns and ideas already put to the Government.

The measures proposed in the Consultation Paper would, if adopted, further boost productivity and innovation, and contribute to the Government's overall goal of cutting the cost of red tape by $1 billion a year.

The Government welcomes input from stakeholders and the public on these proposals, which will be considered in detail as this Bill is developed.

The Consultation Paper on the proposed measures for the Telecommunications Deregulation Bill No.1 2014 is available on the Department of Communications website at

Stakeholders can have their say on the proposed deregulatory measures at an online discussion board at This discussion board will enable stakeholders and the public to interact with one another and share their comments online and in real time. Comments close on 5 May 2014.

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