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NBN reaches one million Australian premises

3 June 2015

The National Broadband Network has reached an historic milestone, having reached more than one million serviceable premises across the country this week.

As of the election, the National Broadband Network had reached 275,000 premises.


 8 Sep 2013*Current**
Fixed Line – Brownfields142,183 571,517
Fixed Line – Greenfields54,783 180,796
Fixed Wireless 39,192 220,917
Interim Satellite Service***         38,87838,743

* nbn reporting method prior to April 2014, which included a number of unserviceable premises.
** Current NBN reporting method, with premises actually able to receive a service.
*** Figures for the Interim Satellite Service refer to activations (i.e. premises that are paying and receiving a service). 

In April 2014 nbn changed its reporting, to provide a more accurate picture of the rollout. Using the previous metric of counting 'premises passed' used by Labor, the company would be reporting that it has currently passed 1.22 million premises.

Since bringing in new management for nbn™, the company has begun to achieve its rollout targets. The company is on track to meet its rollout forecasts set out in both the 2014 corporate plan and the 2013 Strategic Review.

The nbn has achieved a number of milestones in the past 18 months, including:

  • Renegotiating or signing contracts with new delivery partners in Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, where the rollout had effectively stalled before the election.
  • Renegotiating the commercial Definitive Agreements with Telstra and Optus to allow the company to use existing HFC and copper assets to rollout network under the multi-technology mix approach. 
  • Conducting a joint fibre to the node (FTTN) construction pilot of 400,000 premises with Telstra, ahead of the FTTN product launch later in 2015.
  • Reducing the number of unserviceable premises in the fixed line footprint in existing neighbourhoods from 31 per cent of premises passed to less than 10 per cent of premises passed.
  • Improving activations. From inception to June 2013, NBN had activated 70,000 premises. The company has activated more premises than that in the last 11 weeks.

The focus on increasing the number of serviceable premises has both reduced delays in customers being able to place orders and has increased revenue being collected by the nbn.

Media contact: Jon Dart, Office of Malcolm Turnbull MP, 0457 646 749

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