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NBN speeds soar in Umina Beach

22 August 2014

The first customers connected to the NBN in its fibre-to-the-node pilot are achieving Internet download speeds of around 100 megabits per second.

The pilots also delivered upload speeds of around 30 megabits per second, at distances of more than 500 metres.

The bandwidth would allow a single premises to stream more than 15 high definition video streams at once; or would enable other high bandwidth applications such as high quality video conferencing, extensive use of cloud applications and low latency gaming.

The technology used by the NBN Co has already been widely used around the world by telecoms companies, including AT&T in the U.S., BT Openreach in the U.K. and Deutsche Telekom in Germany.

These results are an early indication that the NBN rollout will achieve the Government's commitment to upgrading Australia's broadband sooner, at less cost to taxpayers and therefore more affordably to consumers.

A Strategic Review into the project found that pursuing a multi-technology mix (MTM) that used technologies such as fibre-to-the-node ,would save the NBN Co $32 billion in peak funding costs, would deliver the project four years sooner and avoid consumer Internet bills rising by up to 80 per cent.

The Government's policy is to ensure that 90 per cent of fixed line connections in Australia will have speeds of at least 50 megabits per second by 2019.

NBN Expands Rollout in Umina and Warner

NBN Co today announced the expansion of the FTTN construction program to include around additional 300 nodes in Woy Woy in New South Wales and Warner in Queensland, covering around 45,000 additional premises.

This is in addition to the joint NBN Co and Telstra construction program to plan, design and construct 1000 nodes.

The expansion will bring the trial to around 240,000 homes and businesses in identified rollout regions.

These premises are expected to be some of the first able to connect a retail NBN FTTN service. This is an important step in meeting the Government's ongoing commitment to deliver broadband upgrades sooner, at less cost to taxpayers and more affordably for consumers.

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Location Download Upload Approx Distance from NBN node
Trafalgar Ave Umina Beach 98 Mbps 33 Mbps 475 Metres
Britannia St Umina Beach 98 Mbps 33 Mbps 190 Metres
Australia St Umina Beach 97 Mbps 30 Mbps 515 Metres
Bourke Rd Umina Beach 97 Mbps 28 Mbps 390 Metres
Oxford St Umina Beach 98 Mbps 28 Mbps 250 Metres

* Speeds were achieved using spare copper pairs to the premises. End user premises in the pilot will not be connected to nodes using the primary copper pairs until access to Telstra's copper network is finalised. The speeds were achieved using VDSL2 technology.

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