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Telecommunications in new developments – a new approach to competition

27 May 2015

The Minister for Communications, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, today released the Government's new policy for the provision of telecommunications infrastructure in new real estate developments.

The aim of the policy is to ensure residents in new developments have ready access to modern telecommunications infrastructure. The policy seeks to achieve this goal as efficiently as possible by fostering effective competition between network providers.

The new policy reflects the Government's concern that previous arrangements unduly tilted the playing field against private infrastructure providers who had to compete against nbn, which provided infrastructure at no charge to developers. While the Government supports nbn's participation in the new developments market, this should not be at the expense of fair competition and the benefits it brings.

The introduction of charges for the provision of telecommunications infrastructure by nbn in new developments is important in fixing this problem. If nbn charges for infrastructure, alternative providers have the ability and incentive to compete with nbn, putting downward pressure on costs and encouraging innovation.

People buying property in new developments can also foster better outcomes by checking developers have arranged for quality telecommunications before buying.

The charges being introduced have been set at a level that will enable other providers to offer competitive solutions but with little effect on housing affordability for consumers. The charges only apply to new infrastructure in new developments, not to the nbn rollout to existing premises in established areas.

Charges are being phased in to help the development and communications industries to adjust to the changes. The policy also includes a number of additional measures to assist developers adapt to charges for backhaul infrastructure. There has been extensive consultation with stakeholders on the new policy

The Government is now working on a number of measures to support the policy, including new carrier licence conditions to deliver minimum standards for telecommunications in new developments and a website to map new developments and show providers servicing new developments.

For more information and to view the new policy visit:

Media contact: David Bold, Office of Malcolm Turnbull MP, 0427 784 451

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