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Top five new ways of contacting Triple Zero in the future

31 July 2014

More than 2000 Australians have had their say in the Triple Zero review online survey and it is clear most Australians want the Triple Zero service to embrace new technology.

It is also clear that most Australians want to share personal information quickly and easily with the operator when they are in an emergency.

Of those who have responded, 96 per cent said they would like the Triple Zero operator to be automatically provided with details of their precise location - using GPS or similar technology.

Over 80 per cent would like the operator to receive information about their surroundings in an emergency, possibly through live video from a smartphone app.

While voice calls to Triple Zero continue to be the preferred method of contacting Triple Zero, the survey shows there is a strong interest in developing other ways of accessing the service. The top five alternative ways are:

  1. Automated alert devices (89 per cent)
  2. Smartphone applications (82 per cent)
  3. Video calls (70 per cent)
  4. SMS (69 per cent)
  5. Instant messaging (50 per cent)

Do you agree with the National Triple Zero Operator review results so far?

The public survey is open until 22 August so you still have time to have your say here.

You can also follow the conversation on Twitter using #TripleZeroReview.

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