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More time to apply for Round 4 of the Mobile Black Spot Program

The application process under Round 4 of the Liberal and National Government’s $220 million Mobile Black Spot Program (MBSP) has been extended to 10 January 2019, providing additional time for the states and territories to participate in the round. 

The extension maximises the opportunity for the states and territories to participate in the program and collaborate with mobile network operators.

“I want to ensure that our regional partners have the best opportunity to develop proposals with the Mobile Network Operators for Round 4 of our Mobile Black Spot Program,” Minister McKenzie said. 

“We know that technology and connectivity opens doors for local businesses, helps to strengthen their local economies and contribute to Australia’s thriving digital economy.

“The Mobile Black Spot Program is helping keep people safe with improved natural disaster warnings, enables families and friends to connect with each other and allows distance education and telehealth services to be delivered in hard-to-reach places. 

“The Liberal and Nationals Government is committed to improving communications right across regional Australia. That’s why we’ve allocated $25 million under a fourth round to further improve mobile coverage across the country.”

“I strongly encourage all stakeholders to take advantage of the additional time provided to develop high quality submissions that take full advantage of co-contributions available, and pin point locations that offer the best value for money.”

A strong merit list will ensure the success of Round 4, and potentially provide options for any future funding initiatives”

The first three rounds of the highly successful program have attracted significant co-contributions from all levels of government, mobile network operators and community organisations to deliver a total new investment of $680 million. 

More than 630 base stations have already been delivered under the first three rounds of the program, with 867 expected to be operational by 30 June 2019. 

More information about the program and how to apply is available at: www.communications.gov.au/mbsp

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