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New mobile base stations in NSW to improve mobile coverage

People living in regional New South Wales (NSW) will benefit from improved mobile coverage and more reliable communications under Round 4 of the Liberal National Government's Mobile Black Spot Program.

Minister for Regional Services and Deputy Leader of the Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie, today announced the locations of 54 new base stations being delivered by Round 4 in NSW.

This includes 20 base stations that specifically target coverage issues at public interest premises, such as tourist sites and emergency services facilities.

“Reliable and effective mobile communications are a key driver of the enormous contribution that our regions make to Australia's economic growth”, said Minister McKenzie

“Greater availability of mobile services is a big deal. It means staying safe in remote areas, keeping in contact with family and friends, unlocking access to online health and education services as well as increased tourism and business opportunities.”

Under Round 4 of the Program, $11 million will be invested in mobile infrastructure in NSW. This includes $5.6 million funding from the Commonwealth.

So far the Mobile Black Spot Program is delivering 1047 new base stations, and generating over $760 million of new investment in mobile infrastructure, including contributions from state and local governments, mobile network operators, businesses and local communities.

Base stations under the first three rounds are scheduled to be operational by 30 June 2019. Round 4 base stations roll out will commence shortly with the first new base stations being activated by the second half of the year.

The list of NSW locations is provided below. For further details on Round 4 visit: www.communications.gov.au/mbsp 

Media Contact:
Minister McKenzie:  Jonathan Hawkes: 0434 660 801


List of Round 4 Mobile Black Spot locations in NSW

Site NameStateCarrier
Birriwa ExchangeNSWTelstra
Bumbaldry ExchangeNSWTelstra
Bungonia, Wattle PlaceNSWTelstra
Burrier Caravan ParkNSWTelstra
Clare SchoolNSWTelstra
Depot BeachNSWTelstra
Ebsworth Fire RoadNSWTelstra
Eden ExchangeNSWTelstra
Forbes Creek, Daniel LaneNSWTelstra
Frogmore ExchangeNSWTelstra
Harolds Cross, Harolds Cross RoadNSWTelstra
Howes Valley ExchangeNSWTelstra
Ingebirah, Muzzelwood TrailNSWTelstra
Jerangle, Jerangle RoadNSWTelstra
Johns PlaceNSWOptus
Killongbutta Exchange (Freemantle)NSWTelstra
Macdonald ValleyNSWTelstra
Mayfield, Boro RoadNSWTelstra
Mccullys Gap ExchangeNSWTelstra
Monteagle ExchangeNSWTelstra
Moonan Flats ExchangeNSWTelstra
Moonbah, Mountain View RoadNSWTelstra
Mullamuddy ExchangeNSWTelstra
Narreen StationNSWTelstra
Pimpara LakeNSWTelstra
Reids FlatNSWTelstra
Rock ForestNSWOptus
Rossi, Rossi RoadNSWTelstra
Silverton ExchangeNSWTelstra
Sofala ExchangeNSWTelstra
Sunny CornerNSWOptus
Talmalmo ExchangeNSWTelstra
Tuena ExchangeNSWTelstra
Upper ColoNSWTelstra
Wattle FlatNSWTelstra
Wayo, Woodhouselee RoadNSWTelstra
Wllingrove Creek ExchangeNSWTelstra
Wombeyan Caves CampgroundNSWTelstra
Yass River, Yass River RoadNSWTelstra