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Sensible Gun Carriage Rules Back On The Table For Western Australians

Federal Minister for Sport Bridget McKenzie has welcomed the decision by WA Police to approve Australia Post’s application to once more be an approved commercial carrier of firearms. 

While opening the new Mobile Air Gun Range at Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia’s SHOT Expo in Perth yesterday, the Minister noted the reversal of the previous position, which saw Australia Post left off the list of approved carriers in late 2017.

“I’m pleased to inform rural and remote Western Australians that following discussions with WA Police and input from The Nationals at both the State and Federal level, that Australian Post will commence carriage operations from early next year,” Minister McKenzie said. 

“For regional Western Australians looking to legally trade firearms or secure firearms for use on their properties and remote stations, there was simply no other rational way to organise transport. 

“It’s one thing to live in a city and be able to engage private carriers, but in the country they simply don’t have a footprint. This made it very difficult for people to conduct their business, particularly in a State the size of Western Australia. 

“The WA Nats, through their Police spokesperson Martin Aldridge MLC and their Party’s Firearms Working Group, sought to outline clearly just how vital Australia Post is to the carriage process. I was happy to write to Australia Post on their behalf to outline the problems their lack of carriage license was causing to remote residents with Senator John “Wacka” Williams also raising the issue in the Senate.
“Through our joint efforts we have been able to have Australia Post’s position as a licensed carrier reconsidered and they have now been able to gain a license.

“This is a sensible decision which recognises just how important Australia Post is to the lives of regional and remote Australians,” she said. 

President of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia WA branch Ron Bryant said that he hoped the approval would make business easier. 

“Most traders in Australia aren’t big multinationals but small business owners and family operations. This license change helps keep our costs down and keeps us viable and competitive,” he said. 

Australia Post will upgrade some of their post offices to meet the legal conditions of the license and will commence carriage operations in 2019.

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