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$130,000 to preserve rare five piece bedroom suite

The Turnbull Government will provide $130,000 to assist Museums Victoria with the purchase of a five piece bedroom suite made by WH Rocke & Co through the National Cultural Heritage Account.

The bedroom suite is an outstanding example of Australian colonial craftsmanship and includes a wardrobe, chest of drawers, washstand, dressing table and mirror which are all in excellent condition, including original upholstery.  

WH Rocke & Co was one of the most prominent and celebrated Melbourne furniture emporiums of the 19th century. The bedroom suite is significant as there is no other comparable pieces from the era of the same scale or quality.  

Museums Victoria is preparing to display the suite as part of the Royal Exhibition Building redevelopment. There are also plans to exhibit the furniture in digital format by using apps, tours and websites.  

The Account enables cultural institutions like Museums Victoria to acquire significant objects and ensure they are preserved in Australia for public display.

Up to $500,000 is available each year through the Account, to facilitate the acquisition of Australian Protected Objects by cultural organisations for display and safekeeping.

For more information about the Account visit: www.arts.gov.au/national-cultural-heritage-account

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