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ACMA Chair and Chief Executive Officer

The Australian Government would like to thank Chris Chapman for his decade long tenure as the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) which concludes on 26 February 2016.

During his time at the helm, the ACMA has shown a strong sense of strategic purpose and a willingness to adapt its regulatory activities to the challenging and changing needs of the sector.

Under Mr Chapman's leadership, the ACMA has undertaken a number of significant public programs and initiatives, including the Digital Switchover and Restack programmes, the implementation of the 'Do Not Call Register' and the introduction of the updated Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code in 2012.

Since its formation, the ACMA has been faced with the challenge of adapting to an increasingly sophisticated and rapidly changing communications sector, as well as the technological change challenging established industry and regulatory frameworks.

The introduction of new services and business models has seen ACMA, as a regulator, adjust to the evolving communications market. In this time, Mr Chapman has successfully shouldered the challenging task of ensuring effective regulation, while maintaining constructive relationships with regulated industry participants.

The Government would like to thank Mr Chapman for his years of service and congratulate him on his new role as President of the International Institute of Communications.

The current Deputy Chair Mr Richard Bean will act as the ACMA Chair while the Government considers a permanent appointment. While Mr Bean acts in this position, Mr James Cameron will be appointed to act as Deputy Chair.

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