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Broadband bills lower, data allowances higher under Coalition’s faster, more affordable NBN rollout

Internet prices dropped by more than 9 per cent in the last year and consumers are getting more data for every dollar thanks to the Coalition’s faster, more affordable NBN rollout.

The ACCC’s latest ‘Competition and price changes in telecommunications services in Australia’ report shows that:

  • Real prices for fixed broadband services dropped by 9.4% last year
  • NBN retail prices have dropped 5.1% annually since the Coalition came into Government
  • Fixed-line internet prices overall have dropped 4.5% annually, on average, since the Coalition came into Government

Consumers are also getting more broadband bang for their buck. Five times as many broadband plans now offer unlimited data since the Coalition came into Government (up from just 5% to more than a quarter of all broadband plans).

“The Coalition’s faster, more affordable NBN rollout is delivering lower internet bills and lower taxes for Australians,” said Minister for Communications, Senator Mitch Fifield.

“Labor’s NBN would have cost $30 billion more and increased internet bills by as much as $43 per month – over $500 per year. And despite this, Labor still wants to pour more taxpayer dollars into an unaffordable gold-plated NBN.”

The latest ACCC report follows recent data released by nbn which showed that changes to wholesale pricing have led to a better broadband experience for users. Congestion on the network has plummeted from almost 5 hours per week to just 12 minutes over the past year, and half of new users on the network are taking up faster 50Mbps wholesale speed plans.

The Turnbull Government is putting a range of new protections in place to ensure broadband customers get the level of service they expect from their retail service provider as they transition to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

In addition, the ACCC has commenced a broadband monitoring program which will provide consumers with accurate, independent and comparable information about broadband speeds and performance across a variety of retail service providers.

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