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Classification Review Board appointments

The Turnbull Government has appointed a new Convenor, Deputy Convenor and three members to the Classification Review Board.

Ms Fiona Jolly has been appointed as Convenor until 2 January 2019. Ms Jolly was formerly the Deputy Convenor of the Board.

Ms Susan Knowles, who has been an acting member of the Review Board for two years, has been appointed as Deputy Convenor until 17 September 2020.

Mr Peter Attard has been appointed as a member until 2 January 2019 and Mr Peter Price AM and Mr Richard Williams have both been appointed until 17 September 2019.

These appointments will ensure the Classification Review Board has sufficient ongoing capacity and experienced management to address current and expected workloads.

The Classification Review Board is an independent statutory body responsible for reviewing certain decisions of the Classification Board. It is a part-time board which meets to review decisions of the Classification Board as needed.

Members of the Board are chosen from a range of backgrounds to broadly represent the Australian community. In reviewing classification decisions, Board members are required to apply the relevant law and classification guidelines to make a new classification decision.

For more information about the Classification Review Board visit: www.classification.gov.au/About/Pages/Review-Board.aspx.