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Dr Bulent Hass Dellal AO appointed Chairperson

The Australian Government has appointed Dr Bulent Hass Dellal AO as Chairperson of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Board for a term of just over three years.

Dr Hass Dellal has been a Board member since June 2010 and was appointed Deputy Chair in June 2011. He has acted in the position of Chairperson for the SBS Board since the vacancy arose and has made a valuable contribution during that time. This appointment will take Dr Dellal up to the statutory limit of 10 years serving on the SBS Board.

Dr Dellal has extensive experience throughout Australia and internationally on multicultural affairs and has led a number of initiatives for the benefit and development of the general community.

He serves on a number of committees that deal with community relations, business, police relations, second language development, philanthropy, and arts as well as research for policy development on behalf of Government, community and the private sector. He is also an Australia Day Ambassador.

In considering this appointment, the Government followed the selection process for SBS Board appointments set down in the Special Broadcasting Service Act 1991 (the Act).

This process involves consideration of potential candidates by an independent Nomination Panel for SBS Board Appointments. The Panel nominated Dr Hass Dellal for appointment as Chairperson in its report and I have accepted this recommendation. The Government thanks the Nomination Panel for its work.

The Government congratulates Dr Dellal on his appointment and looks forward his ongoing contribution to the SBS Board.