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International access a reality for people with print disability

Australians with vision impairment now have greater access to a wealth of global books and published materials in accessible formats following the Marrakesh Treaty coming into force today.

Australia is among the first 20 countries to join the Treaty, which the Turnbull Government ratified in December 2015. The Treaty ensures that approximately 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide can benefit from the cross-border sharing of accessible content, such as large print,  braille or audio.

Accessible formats are essential to ensuring that all Australians can fully engage in our society.

Despite advances in technology, people living with a print disability have struggled to get access to basic reading materials that many people take for granted.

By improving access, the Treaty supports the economic and social development of our region.

The Treaty encourages participating countries to share accessible material that is not available in other countries.

The Government encourages other countries to join the global movement in improving access to material for people living with print disability.

In addition to the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty, the Government is consulting on a number of legislative amendments to further enhance access to content by people with a disability. The Government expects to introduce legislation into the Parliament shortly.

For more information visit: www.communications.gov.au/marrakeshtreaty

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