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Labor adopts Coalition's NBN plan

Today, Labor admitted the NBN technology debate of the last 6 years was just about politics.

Labor's NBN policy released today is the final admission the Coalition's plan to use a range of technologies to see NBN completed 6 to 8 years sooner, and at $30 billion dollars less cost than Labor – has worked.

Labor's NBN policy amounts to no more than a trial and a review.

For years we were told by Labor that using a range of technologies, like the rest of the world, was not an option.

Today, the Coalition's policy has become Labor's policy.

Labor's announcement today is a complete capitulation.

Labor acknowledge the network will be built by 2020 but they still fail to acknowledge their approach would have taken longer, cost more and seen Australians pay an average of $500 more on their annual household internet bills.

Under the Coalition today:

  • 99% of premises are now in design, construction or able to order a service
  • 75% of Australian premises can order an NBN service[i]
  • 92% of regional Australian premises can order an NBN service
  • 8.7 million Australian premises can order an NBN service
  • 5 million Australians have taken up an NBN service
  • Australia ranked 7th for broadband affordability among 22 countries analysed[ii]
  • NBN is on track for completion by the target year of 2020 (first estimated in 2014)[iii]
  • NBN is on track to be completed for $51 billion dollars (consistent with the peak funding range outlined in the Corporate Plan issued in August 2015)[iv]

[i] https://www.nbnco.com.au/corporate-information/about-nbn-co/updates/dashboard-february-2019


[iii] https://www.nbnco.com.au/content/dam/nbnco2/documents/nbn-co-corporate-plan-2014-17-Nov11.pdf

[iv] https://www.nbnco.com.au/content/dam/nbnco2/documents/nbn-corporate-plan-2016.pdf