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Labor plays catch-up on NBN consumer measures

Today’s announcement by Labor shows they are simply playing catch-up to the real action taken by the Turnbull Government to improve consumer safeguards.

Labor are completely in the dark, floating thought bubbles that disregard the independent regulator's inquiry, which is still to report.

Last year the ACCC announced a comprehensive inquiry into wholesale service standards to support NBN consumers.

And under Government direction, the ACMA is putting in place enforceable standards, backed by penalties, for inadequate complaints handling along with other measures to make sure consumers are not left without working internet and phone service when connecting to the NBN.

In April 2018 the Turnbull Government also released the terms of reference for a far-reaching Telecommunications Safeguards Review to ensure consumers have reliable services including reasonable timeframes for connections, fault repairs and appointments; as well as potential compensation or penalties against providers.

The ACCC and the ACMA are the cops on the beat protecting telco consumers and have the tools to do their jobs.

The rollout of the NBN is regulated under the “Special Access Undertaking” overseen by the ACCC, along with wholesale broadband agreements between NBN Co and retailers which already include penalties for NBN failing to meet the set standards for connections and repairs. ACCC’s current work is examining if these arrangements should be strengthened.

Under Labor, the NBN rollout was a slow train wreck. By September 2013 just 51,000 premises were connected. Labor missed their rollout targets by more than one million.

No wonder Labor had no interest in consumer safe guards when they were in office.

Today, the NBN is closing on 4 million connected users and is available to close 60 per cent of the nation with the entire rollout to be complete by 2020.

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