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National Opera Review Final Report Government response

The Turnbull Government acknowledges the importance of opera in the Australian cultural landscape and is pleased to provide its full response to the recommendations of the National Opera Review Final Report.

Earlier this year the Government announced its initial response to support priority recommendations in the Report. These priority recommendations, which were a structural adjustment package for Opera Queensland and support for Victorian Opera to become a Major Performing Arts company, are now being implemented.

The Government is broadly supportive of the Report’s guiding principles. A number of the 118 recommendations require joint decision-making across jurisdictions and discussions are now underway with the relevant states.

Other recommendations that have no financial implications for governments are already being explored by the Australia Council in consultation with the opera companies and state funding agencies. These include measures to:

  • build audiences and subscribers
  • improve collaboration between companies
  • increase financial viability, such as controlling overhead costs and improving private sector support, and
  • strengthen governance and management.

The major opera companies have also responded positively and are making changes in line with the Report’s recommendations.

The Government will continue to work with the opera companies and partner funding bodies to explore further opportunities to ensure the continued vibrancy of opera in Australia.

The Government would again like to acknowledge the work on the review undertaken by the independent expert panel-Dr Helen Nugent AO (Chairman), Mr Moffatt Oxenbould AM, Mr Andrew McKinnon and Ms Kathryn Fagg.

The Response to the National Opera Review Final Report and the National Opera Review Final Report are both available through the Outcomes tab at www.arts.gov.au/national-opera-review.

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