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National Portrait Gallery of Australia Board appointment

The Turnbull Government has appointed Mr Stuart Wood QC as a member of the Board of the National Portrait Gallery of Australia for three years.

Mr Wood is one of Australia’s leading industrial relations barristers with more than 20 years’ experience in the field. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2014 and has written extensively about legal and industrial matters.

He is currently the Chair of Great Southern Press Pty Ltd which assists in establishing partnerships in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Mr Wood is also a collector of contemporary Australian art.

Mr Wood’s skills and experience will make a valuable contribution to the governance of the National Portrait Gallery of Australia whose Board includes a mix of financial, business, legal and curatorial expertise.

The Gallery has more than 2,600 portraits in its collection honouring remarkable Australians. This year, the Gallery celebrates 20 years since it was established to reflect Australia’s unique culture and history.

For more information about the Gallery and its 20th anniversary program visit: www.portrait.gov.au

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