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nbn reaches 3 million homes and businesses

The  National Broadband Network rollout has hit another major milestone and is now  available to more than 3 million homes and business across Australia.

This  latest milestone shows that the Coalition's multi-technology mix nbn rollout is  the fastest, most affordable way to ensure all Australians can access  high-speed broadband.

Rolling  out the nbn to more homes and businesses as quickly as possible will boost  productivity and provide a platform for innovation to ensure the economic and  social benefits of the internet are available to all Australians.

The  development of digital technologies has reduced business costs, changed the way  we study and learn, and created new ways to engage socially online.

Today,  one in every four Australian homes and businesses are able to order an nbn  service, opening up a wealth of new opportunities for education, economic  growth and entertainment.

When  the Coalition came into government in 2013, just 300,000 premises across  Australia were able to purchase an nbn service. Since then, rollout progress  has dramatically increased – the nbn was made available to 1 million premises  by June 2015, then  2 million premises by April 2016. Now the nbn is available  to 3 million premises – and will continue to gather pace.

Under  the Coalition, the nbn is ahead of schedule and on-budget, and is on track to  be available to 5.4 million premises by 30 June 2017 and over 9 million  premises by 30 June 2018.

In  just over a year from now, almost half of all homes and businesses in Australia  will be able to order an nbn service, and less than a year later that figure  will increase to three-quarters of Australian homes and businesses.

The  nbn is now connecting more active premises every month than the previous  government connected in four years.

There  are now over 1.2 million premises with an active nbn service – up from just  51,000 connected to the built network at the time of the 2013 election.

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