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NBN reaches 4 million milestone

A third of all Australian homes and businesses now have access to the National Broadband Network with more than four million premises across the country able to connect to the internet over fast broadband via the network.

The milestone comes as the rollout accelerates across the country with one million more premises added to nbn’s service area in the last six months.

The biggest infrastructure project in Australia’s history is on track to reach the halfway mark this year, providing high speed broadband to millions of Australians.  

A faster rollout means more Australians will enjoy the benefits of broadband upgrades sooner and monthly internet bills will remain affordable.

From the far north of Queensland to Bunbury in WA, the nbn is being switched on at more than 20,000 workplaces and homes every week.

Thanks to the nbn, distance education students can now see their classmates via video, wineries can operate their head offices from the cellar door, and busy families can get their bills paid, homework completed, and shopping done all at the same time.

The scale of the nbn network is also attracting new internet providers to enter the broadband market creating greater competition and more choice for consumers.  

More than 1.7 million households and busineses have active connections to the network via 100+ retail service providers offering broadband plans powered by nbn’s network.

The accelerating speed of the rollout is thanks to a multi-technology approach. Prior to adopting this approach it took nbn three years to connect just 51,000 premises and the rollout was years behind schedule.

For maps and information about where nbn service is available go to: www.nbnco.com.au