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New NBN pricing delivering better broadband for consumers

New wholesale pricing on the National Broadband Network is delivering a better broadband experience for consumers, according to the ACCC’s latest Wholesale Market Indicators report released today.

The report shows the introduction of new wholesale pricing has resulted in a substantial 37 per cent boost to the amount of broadband capacity that internet retailers are delivering to users.

“Consumers are getting more broadband and bang for their buck under the Coalition’s faster, more affordable rollout of the National Broadband Network,” said Minister for Communications Senator Mitch Fifield.

“There are now more than three million Australians enjoying greater capacity on their NBN connection, and the Coalition’s policy is helping keep internet bills down for Australian families.”

The 37 per cent jump is the largest Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) increase since the ACCC’s reporting began. It shows broadband retailers are allocating more capacity enabling more users to have a seamless broadband experience, even during the busiest periods of the day.

The report also showed early signs of a bump in users taking up higher-speed 50 Mbps plans thanks to the new, lower wholesale pricing offered on the NBN. There has been a slight increase in the percentage of 50 Mbps services, up from 4 per cent in the September quarter to 4.6 per cent in the December quarter. NBN’s new wholesale pricing for 50 Mbps services commenced at the end of the quarter on December 14.

The Turnbull Government recently announced a range of new protections to ensure broadband customers get the level of service they expect from their retail service provider as they transition to the network.

In addition, the ACCC has commenced a Broadband Performance Monitoring and Reporting program, which will provide users with data on actual broadband speeds experienced from various RSPs.

Further increases in the speed tiers being purchased and network capacity are expected in the next quarterly ACCC report.

The report is available on the ACCC’s website.

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