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Ongoing funding to build capacity in the arts sector

The Turnbull Government has announced the continuation of funding for Creative Partnerships Australia to support its important work of fostering partnerships between the cultural sector, supporters and investors. The goal of Creative Partnerships Australia is to grow a more vibrant and robust cultural sector with strong connections to supporters and investors, for the benefit of all Australians.

New ongoing funding of $3.7 million per year from 2018–19 will mean that Creative Partnerships Australia's annual resourcing will be maintained at its current level of $4.4 million (indexed) in future years. The majority of Creative Partnerships Australia's funding was previously due to terminate on 30 June 2018.

Creative Partnerships Australia will continue to support the arts sector—particularly small-to-medium arts organisations and individual artists—to build stronger relationships with, and raise funds from, the private sector.

Private sector support, alongside government funding and earned income, is a crucial and growing third pillar underpinning the financial sustainability of the arts sector in Australia.

Since 2013, Creative Partnerships Australia has leveraged more than $9.2 million in private sector funding through its matched funding programs, which assist small-to-medium organisations and individual artists to run successful fundraising campaigns. Creative Partnerships Australia has also delivered more than 100 capacity-building events for arts workers to enhance their ability to develop and maintain partnerships with business and philanthropists.

Creative Partnerships Australia provides valued expertise to the arts sector, delivering more than 500 tailored advice and mentoring sessions to around 300 recipients each year. It also provides strategic advice to artists and organisations running fundraising campaigns through its Australian Cultural Fund program, which has attracted over $9 million in private donations to support grants to more than 1,100 registered cultural projects.

In recognition of the value that Creative Partnerships Australia delivers to the arts sector the Government will secure ongoing funding for the organisation by reprioritising approximately:

  • $1.9 million per year (indexed) currently appropriated to the Department of Communications and the Arts for other programs, and
  • $1.8 million per year ongoing (indexed) from the Australia Council for the Arts from 2018–19, which continues the 2015–16 Budget measure that provided funding for Creative Partnerships Australia.

Creative Partnerships Australia is a Commonwealth company established to encourage and facilitate philanthropy, sponsorship and social investment in the arts in Australia. It does this through a range of mentoring, training and matched funding programs.

More information on Creative Partnerships Australia can be found at: www.creativepartnershipsaustralia.org.au.