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Rare meteorite to stay in Australia

Joint Media Release

The Hon Mitch Fifield, Minister For Communications, Minister for the Arts
Mr Trevor Evans MO, Member for Brisbane

The Turnbull Government will provide  $50,000 to help the Queensland Museum to purchase a rare 15.3 kilogram  meteorite, the first of its type to be discovered in Australia.

The funding, through the National Cultural Heritage Account, secures the dendritic trolite-irons meteorite, worth an estimated $153,000.

Out of the five other known meteorites  of this type in the world, this meteorite is believed to be the largest.

The Turnbull Government is committed to preserving Australia's rare and significant cultural items.

The Government's National Cultural Heritage Account provides support for institutions such as the Queensland Museum to acquire significant objects and ensure they are kept in Australia for public display.

This significant acquisition will allow scientists and researchers to study the chemical and mineralogical differences of asteroids and meteorites, contributing to our scientific understanding of  these objects.

The meteorite was found by a gold  prospector in 2015 at Western Creek Station, 20 kilometres south of Georgetown  in north eastern Queensland. The prospector has generously agreed to sell the meteorite for $100,000 to keep it in Australia and display it publicly.

The Queensland Museum is contributing the remaining $50,000 required to purchase this important specimen.

For more information about the Account visit: www.arts.gov.au/NCHA

Media contacts:Minister Fifield:
Geraldine Mitchell | 0407 280 476 | Geraldine.Mitchell [at] communications.gov.au

Trevor Evans MP:
Guy Creighton I 0418 296 724 I Guy.Creighton [at] aph.gov.au