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Turnbull Government to convene 5G working group

The Turnbull Government today released a 5G directions paper  and will convene a working group to drive the deployment of 5G mobile  technology in Australia.

While Australians have already shown an insatiable appetite  for mobile technology using existing 3G and 4G networks, the significant technological  advances offered by 5G will provide new opportunities across a range of  sectors.

The Government's work will support the timely rollout of 5G  in Australia to enable the next wave of broad-based industry productivity and  to foster the growth of Australia's digital economy.

The commercial rollout of 5G mobile networks is expected to commence  in 2020. 5G will support improved connectivity, significantly faster data speeds,  and very low latency. These characteristics will enable 5G to underpin  substantial economic and social benefits across the economy.

This directions paper highlights that the Government will  support 5G rollout in Australia by:

  • making spectrum available in a timely  manner,
  • actively engaging in international  standardisation processes,
  • streamlining planning arrangements to  allow mobile carriers to deploy infrastructure more quickly and at lower cost,
  • and reviewing existing  telecommunications regulatory arrangements to ensure they are fit-for-purpose  in the 5G era.

5G will be a key enabler for a range of Government  priorities, including the Digital Economy Strategy, policy development for autonomous  vehicles, and the Smart Cities Plan. To improve alignment across portfolios,  the Department of Communications and the Arts will establish a working group that  will bring together representatives from across Government and industry.

This working group will provide a platform for an ongoing  strategic dialogue on 5G, and will work to ensure that sectoral regulatory  frameworks are updated to take advantage of 5G.

The directions paper is available at: www.communications.gov.au/5Gdirectionspaper.