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The Events Granville Town Hall, Sydney

E & OE

FIFIELD:Well Chris, thank you so much, where else would you be tonight other than Grandville? This is the place to be. Can I start by acknowledging the two fabulous choirs we have here tonight. There is something truly eerie about coral singing, it connects directly to the soul. And can I say, I was having many joyous flashbacks to my xxx. Can I also pay tribute to Chris for his sterling work as festival director, so Chris thank you for xxx

This is obviously a co-production tonight, State Theatre Company of South Australia, Malthouse, Belvoir, we have Brenna and Eamon from Belvoir, thank you for your contribution tonight. Johnny, what a creative Johnny, I was going to say xxx how many characters did you play tonight?


Ahh … seven.


Seven, incredible, thank you so much we loved what you did, Luke the music director xx, Luke xxx and Catherine, I've got to confess, I have this irresistible urge to call you Goldie (Water Rats) xxxx or Rosie for those of you who remember Crash Burn. I will never forget the line xxx.

Tonight was an amazing performance, what brought it home for me was when tragedy happens, whether it be Martin Place, Port Arthur, Norway, or Paris you almost get this incredible urge to identify the perpetrator, as xxx someone who is mad, someone who has anguishes, because we all have them. The other thing we try and do is say that they are bad, because again, we can say its just, the true is we are all made from the same stuff and that is what was particularly confronting I think tonight.

A lot of people who do perpetrate horrid acts, might be a xxx issue nor are they mad, they are people who form a world view xxx

But the true is, we are all the same, we are all looking for more, something bigger, something …. And what we have to do and what tonight reminds us is that for most people placed under difficult circumstances results in awful acts. We have to be saying xxx there are many things that are bigger than ourselves …

So can I say thank you all for tonight's performance for sterling performance, really touched xxx as a society we need to xxx what are other complex circumstance xxx I acknowledge the incredible work you have done.

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