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Remarks at NBN Sky Muster Launch Event Sydney


Thanks very much Bill.

I think we were all glued to our TV sets this morning at about 6.30am to witness "the rumble in the jungle" which we can see on the screens at the side.

It was a terrific launch, and I think from the perspective of the Government and NBN, we can say that "Thunderbirds are go"

Bill, can I particularly congratulate you and your team and your partners on this mammoth venture. You, together, collectively, have done something incredibly important for the nation and you should take great professional pride in what you have done.

I know the name Sky Muster does sound a little bit like something from a James Bond movie, but it is not. We have Bailey Brooks and her classmates from the School of the Air to thank for coming up with the name. And Bailey really is the face of the satellite and she has become the symbol of the people who will benefit. And I know Bill will say a little bit more about Bailey, who is with us here today, but if I could also acknowledge Bailey's mum Tania who is with us.

Sky Muster truly is an international effort. Built by SSL in Palo Alto in California. Loaded onto a Russian Antonov aircraft. Launched on a European rocket in a French overseas territory in the north of South America.

So a big international effort, but it is something that is intensely local in its intention. What this satellite will do is to enable fast broadband for Australians in regional and remote areas and Australian overseas territories. People, businesses, who have some of the worst access at the moment. So it is only fitting that they will be amongst the first people to get good access to fast broadband.

This is going to be something incredible for education, for EHealth, for distance education in particular. It will open up new markets for people who live in remote and regional areas. As a Government, we are very keen to innovate and to seize the opportunities that the future presents. This is a great opportunity to do this.

This is a great day for Australia, but most particularly it is a terrific day for Australians and businesses in remote and regional Australia.

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